Last Sunday, I drove all day to end the road trip that brought me to a couple of shows in the south, including the uniquely lovely Artclectic in Nashville.  I checked the odometer as I neared home and calculated that, in a little over five years, I've driven 100,000 miles almost exclusively in the transportation of my artwork. 

The IRS allows me a deduction for those miles driven to art fairs, gallery shows, clients' homes, the paint store.  What I also value in my travels are rich interactions with friends, marvelous finds in museums, regional surprises happened upon while being a dutiful tourist and many opportunities to add to my own art collection.  

On this trip, I did my best to document my experiences on Instagram.  I even created my own hashtag: #midsouthroadtrip2015.  You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook, track my travels and my many hours spent in the studio.  Yes, the studio, the place I am so happy to be in now and for the next few months.

Photo credit: Tim Hooper (mrhooperart) at Artclectic in Nashville, October 23, 2015