What is the cure for ten weekends of outdoor art fairs?  Ten weeks in the studio! about nine weeks in the studio plus one week at the beach?  I am already feeling like myself.

Doing that many consecutive shows did seem nutty to many.  Once I got through the first couple and accepted all of the things I can't control about the experience, like car trouble and flash flooding, each subsequent weekend's show came and went like tides and drove me further toward to my goal of being back in my studio.

From some shows, I left with the same amount of art that I arrived with. Other times, I gratefully wrapped up paintings that I've made and happily driven all over creation to find its one true admirer.  I delivered a painting to a collector in St. Louis early one Monday morning and while in her office, she asked if I ever regretted selling a favorite piece.  They're all favorites!  And regret?  Never.  For all of the thousands of people who pass the perimeter of my booth at shows and don't turn their head a few degrees to notice what I do, one person might come inside to have a look, maybe take a card or ask a question.  They might turn and walk away only to come back later, having considered, measured, imagined and decided.  In my experience, a patron does not pick out a painting in the hopes that it will grow on them.  They buy my art because they already love it. That person should have my favorite piece.

I've got a whole month ahead of me to work in the cool comfort of the downstairs studio.  Deacon, who doesn't go up and down the spiral staircase too well any more, is still keeping me good company at the age of 14 and a half.  I hope to see you in September, in and around Kansas City.  First up, The Late Show gallery will be hosting my work with an opening on Friday, September 4th.  If you'd like a special invite, please drop me a line.

Best wishes for a happy summer and many thanks for your support and for keeping in touch.