The New

Please accept my best wishes for a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR! I greet you from a chilly Kansas on this New Years Day, though thankfully it is a quiet, peaceful cold. We were fortunate to avoid so much of the weather tumult over the holidays and most of what I focused on was making my studio ready for 2016.  I've got a few shows on the docket for April and hope for acceptance into many more before summer.  If you want to stay in touch with me and find out if I am coming to a city near you, please stay up on this blog as well as my Facebook page.  It is my primary "business" resolution to employ this platform more often in 2016.  When I launched my website in March of last year, I wanted to use the blog to answer some of the questions that I'm frequently asked about being a self-employed artist.  I still want to explore those topics, but I think it is also time to introduce the ideas that influence my work.  It is essential for artists to be able to talk and write about what they do, in a variety of formats.  You'd be helping me greatly to be my audience in this way!  The quip that you might hear from me at an art fair could be enough to engage us in conversation, but that may not be the best time and place to talk with intensity.  So this year, let's dig in deep, using this space, together.