Small is a relative term.  If you are, like me, owner of a small business, it is the vehicle for your life.  It supports your household in all respects and puts you, in my opinion, in an elite club of creative crazies who don't always know what to do with so-called "down time." 

No less than the merchant service behemoth American Express appreciates the amount of small business cash flow they benefit from. They trademarked "Shop Small" and "Small Business Saturday."  It is in their interest to remind folks that people like me are out here, full time, making and selling art. I've often cracked that while I can't sell you a four foot television on "Black Friday," I sure can fit you with a comparably sized painting for the space.

In the midst of this holiday season, I can not implore you to shop my events without telling you where I have done my purchasing over the past few years.  Please check out some of my favorite artists online while you are looking at your gift list:  

Andrew Johnson

Cathy Broski

Desiree Warren

Nichole Collins

Chuck Groh

Anne Leuck

Tim Hooper

Kim Caisse

Dick Daniels

Amy Meya

And's not too late to find me in person before the end of 2016.  This very weekend, I am in Kansas City, MO, selling all sorts of studio work at a collective Open Studio event.  Hosted by the aforementioned Amy Meya, six of us are open for business at 3345 Baltimore in KC, December 1st - 4th.  Send me a note if you'd like more details.  Next weekend, I will be a guest artist at the Chicago Art Girls Holiday Pop up.  I'm hoping to see some of you from my Roger's Park days.

Happy Holidays, good health and best wishes to you.  Please keep in touch!