Summer Tour

Over the past three years, the bulk of my shows have been in the spring and fall.  This wasn't by design. It was based on my doing the shows into which I was accepted.  I've really come to enjoy the long summer stretch in the studio with a little vacation time thrown in.  I still like to go where I'm invited, though, so there are some dates of note on the brief #lauranugentsummertour2016 :

Des Moines Art Festival, Des Moines, IA (both LN28)
Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff in St. Joseph, MI (booth 142)
Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis, MN (booth 4105)

At home in Kansas City, my work is featured in two invitational exhibitions:

River Market Regional Exhibition
Kansas City Artists Coalition
August 12 - September 22, 2016

The KCAC is celebrating 40 years as a non-profit arts organization which has long sought to help artists find their audiences.  If you are in the area on August 12th, we'll be opening up the RMRE with a Block Party designed to celebrate KCAC's successes and introduce more folks to the charm of the River Market and the galleries of the Artists Coalition.  I will be there that evening, as a volunteer helper and board member so please consider yourself personally invited to attend by me.

The other show in which my work is included is the 2016 Flat Files exhibit at the H&R Block Art Space (June 10 - September 23, 2016). This is the first time that I have been invited to participate so it is a thrill to be able to share this news.  The show is designed to introduce artists to the public and curatorial professionals who are allowed to pour through drawers filled with unframed works. Known to be an "affordable" opportunity for collectors who wish to discover new and established talent, it is also a chance for artists to have work selected for wall installations. A little birdie told me my one of my works is up in the wall right now, so stop by!

Studio work: paintings on book covers for Flat Files 2016

Studio work: paintings on book covers for Flat Files 2016

Other than these bits of news, my studio practice continues.  I have a recent series of small, minimal, colorful framed works that have been traveling with me since last fall.  I bring a fresh batch to each fair and create new arrangements of them each time I set up my display.  I haven't stopped being curious about their relationships to each other and my larger works.  A positive aspect of doing many road shows is that I can be my own curator, choose and display unique and different original work at each show.  I think this helps me decide where to go next in painting and insures that I never arrive back home blocked or uninspired.  I'm in the studio and ready to make new works based on these interactions and, of course, my conversations with you.

Recent small works on display at the Des Moines Arts Festival, 2016

Recent small works on display at the Des Moines Arts Festival, 2016

I wish a happy and healthy summer to you all.