Enjoy Your Stay

I am pleased to announce the completion of a project that began with an inquiry to this website in 2016. The curator of the Hallmark Art Collection asked if I would be interested in talking about a planned renovation at one of the company's properties. After months of discussion, we had an agreement wherein I would paint 13 original works for each of the hotel's residential floors at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City. 

Working within the same parameters as my current practice, along with the added encouragement of the curator who memorably said "make paintings that excite you," I embarked on the paintings. JGA Fine Arts custom built and delivered each of the pristine 60"x40" wood panels. My studio and exhibition schedule allowed me to work on three at any one time. 

About halfway through, an obvious shift in color palette and form occurred. Visiting the site several times during the process, I could see that these paintings would be the focus, the only object greeting guests as they exit the elevators and eagerly head to their rooms. Each painting became a little more bold in color and form with the striking inclusion of curved lines. Titles such as "Somnolent Charm" and "Interior of Dreams" reflect my own experience traveling the country to show my work and staying in hotels, always relieved to put down somewhere for three of four days at a time. 

These lobbies are accessible by the public so when in Kansas City, take the street car to Union Station and enjoy some time riding the elevators of the Westin, floors 6 - 18.  If you can't make it to KC, you may view the works on my Instagram