Studio Visit

In 2018, I gave up having a "home studio" after a couple of decades of making paintings where I lived. It was a big step to go off-premises, but an important move I have come to both value and embrace.

When I worked at home and could be “in the studio” by accident, it meant never really drawing a line between work and, well, more work. Having a separate location means considering what would most benefit from my attention and not letting the studio be a default position when there isn’t an immediate answer for that.

Don’t get me wrong - my boss is still one tough broad. Big expectations and not a lot of patience for slacking.

However, by acknowledging that art is a vocation before it is a profession and therefore a dominating force in how an artist makes decisions about time well spent, there must also must be a protective mechanism to prevent the avoidance of everything else. Art does involve experience, after all, and does not benefit in the long term from isolation and self-reference.

My current workspace is in the east Crossroads of Kansas City at the Bunker Center for the Arts. The building currently houses eight artists and three galleries. I welcome studio visits and am cheered by drop-ins and appointments alike. The Bunker galleries are open during Kansas City’s First Friday, with new exhibitions each month. My studio is usually open too, during these events. I’d like to see you here if you haven’t made it over yet.

Next blog, I'll be talking about my recent “filling thy cup” adventure. I was most definitely NOT in the studio for that. Stay tuned!

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