This and That

The Plaza Art Fair came and went this year before I could sit and write a blog to entice your attendance. I hope you made your way down to Kansas City’s monumental art festival and saw me in booth 223, “across from Tivol, ladies,” as I like to say. If not this time around, don’t fret. Next year’s Plaza begins in just 350 days, at least according to the countdown clock on the show’s website.

As usual, the Plaza delivered huge crowds, omnipresent entertainment in the form of Kansas City music and the works of 240 artists, most of whom traveled “a fur piece” to be a part.

The heavy rains during the weekend proved a challenge, along with the inconsiderately planned Chiefs’ home opener. Even with all that, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. 

When I first came to KC 15 years ago, I managed to weave myself into the already bright and striking arts community. I showed my work in a variety of venues, including ones like the Plaza Art Fair. With all of the friends, fans and collectors met and made along the way, we’ve become a part of each others story. Each year of the eleven I’ve been at this particular show, we pick up where we left off and add more chapters. To not be a part of the Plaza...well, it would be a big void for me. 

And hopefully not just me.

So what else is going on? Lots, including updating this website! I’ve added a gallery of “smalls” and a link to my exhibition catalog that can be viewed and purchased here.

Stay tuned for fall and winter events at my 1014 East 19th Street space. I am planning two (TWO!) pre-holiday affairs with lots of special incentives for you to visit and build on your collections. If you are not on my mailing list, please do sign up so you don’t miss out.

Until next time, and let’s not wait another 350 days for it to happen,